Why Bernie Sanders Is Not Enough

Why Bernie Sanders Is Not Enough August 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders has tremendous support and is finally the candidate that progressive Americans have been waiting for. Yes, he’s not perfect, but he’s a huge upgrade from the candidates we usually have to choose from. I really enjoy how Bernie is not paid for by large corporations, is anti-establishment politics and media, and actually cares about the middle and working class. He’s also promotes social justice more than any other politician running for President. That’s all awesome and I’m a huge supporter of him. However, it’s important to keep in mind the Bernie Sanders is not enough. 

I didn't get the perfect selfie, but I did get to shake the future president's hand!
I didn’t get the perfect selfie, but I did get to shake the future president’s hand!
Let’s pretend that America doesn’t vote against its own interests and actually elects Bernie Sanders. Will this automatically mean that the super wealthy can no longer buy elections, the middle class will grow, and we will all have free college and universal health care? Absolutely not. Bernie can help lead the political revolution, but he can definitely not do it alone. Bernie is super up front about this (an honest politician??) and made that very explicit when I saw him talk last week in Columbia, SC.
Even if Bernie is elected, we must keep the pressure on our legislature to stop passing bills that allow the super wealthy to control our government. Apathy ensures the rich and powerful will continue to have their reign. Thus, I am asking Bernie supporters to keep up their motivation whether Bernie wins or loses. It might be especially important if he wins as he may actually have power to do real change if we work with him on multiple levels.
So how can we all help? Well Bernie has addressed this some of these questions himself on Reddit:”Certainly one of the areas that redditors can help on is in making sure that young people throughout this country understand the importance of politics and government. It is an American tragedy that in the last election, about 80 percent of young people did not vote. That is exactly what the ruling class of this country wants and we have got to change it. So mobilizing, educating and organizing young people is very much at the top of my agenda.”

So of course the first thing we should all remember is to vote! Again, Bernie isn’t perfect, but I don’t believe any perfect politicians can ever exist for everyone. There are so many ways to get involved and I find one of the easiest (and maybe most effective) ways to get involved with politics is to start at the local level. Work with local lobbying groups, they will help you learn what you need to do even if you are clueless (like I was). Contact your local legislators, write op-eds for your local newspapers, share information on social media, volunteer for Bernie’s campaign, volunteer for local politicians who are sympathetic to your concerns. I’ve been dabbling in politics the past few years and I can say, even in South Carolina, there are politicians that will listen to you! It does take time and some self-education, but it’s very doable. Bernie Sanders is an exciting candidate, but it will take us all working together to actually enact his visions into reality.


I was on C-SPAN!
The Bernie Sanders Rally was covered by C-SPAN. Hi Mom!


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  • Seth Howard

    I really hope he gets elected.

  • Tony Thompson

    One hugely important thing to me is that while Sanders isn’t perfect, and he has areas he can improve-when he’s criticized, he often listens. As a black USAmerican, I think this is hugely important.

  • Sophia Sadek

    I usually stay out of the political fray at election time, but I am willing to state my support for Bernie Sanders. I hope he makes a difference even if it is just by raising issues and ideas on the campaign trail that would otherwise remain swept under the rug of mainstream political ignorance.

  • Laurie

    FREE YOUR MINDS!!! Isn’t this what we always complain about after we vote a main stream “Front Runner” Democrat in? How you can’t expect them to be scrupulous. We overlook Hillary’s evasive non answers until she is president? Women are so enamored by the possibility of a woman president they overlook that she can’t really be trusted. “That is what the campaign season is for Hillary, to allow the citizenry to vet you as a candidate for president”. Aren’t we tired of settling for the elite’s lap dogs, for a few crumbs? Wouldn’t it be great if we could change things without bloodshed, a peaceful revolution? When are we going to vote for the statesman we complain we never get? When there is one right in front of us? Stop making excuses for not having a real progressive statesman in office. Stop over thinking the elections and vote your convictions as a progressive and vote for the most progressive candidate we have. Bernie Sanders For President 2016.
    Do you want a progressive in the White House? There is only
    one way that can happen. Civics 101: The Primary Vote. The primary vote is the
    most important and the most neglected in our electoral system. The primaries
    are where We The People choose who our “Front Runner” is. Hillary Clinton is no
    more a “Front Runner” than Bernie Sanders. This is just media propaganda
    funneling our vote for a conservative, corporate, Wall Street friendly Dem. We
    all know where Hillary stands on this. Bernie Sanders is a true statesman
    working with the Democratic Party as a democrat candidate. He has been approved
    by the DNC to run on their ticket. If a progressive wins the primary by a wide
    margin over any other candidate then the DNC will have no choice but, to
    nominate them. The plain and simple truth of the matter, THIS is how our system
    works, all propaganda aside. The country is coming out in droves to see Bernie
    in overflowing auditoriums. Even in conservative states he’s climbing and
    beating Hillary in the polls. If Bernie won the primaries I believe he would
    win the presidency, the country is ripe for a progressive, we are starving for
    it. Stop! Buying into and spreading the propaganda “We can’t have a progressive
    for president”. Because, that is all it is, propaganda. Not Reality. So, I say
    THIS is how we SHOULD be talking the elections. Let’s not fall victim to the Billion Dollar, Propaganda media telling us who to vote for. That is relinquishing our citizen and civic responsibility. Our system, the primaries, the protocol of voting, IS REALITY. Learn and stick to the plan, the basics, all propaganda aside.
    Please, share, share, share and repost this everywhere. If you like my message and you think it is important for others to see, be my guest and pass it on. I’m trying to change the way we look and think about our electoral system. But, I’m ill and lack the technical skills to be more effective so, I’m counting on all of you to help. We need a massive get out the progressive primary vote like we haven’t seen in generations. http://voteforbernie.org/