I am not anti-gun, but I am anti-tragedy

I am not anti-gun, but I am anti-tragedy October 10, 2015

Yesterday we saw two school shootings within hours of each other in the United States. As of October 2nd, 2015 there were 994 mass shootings in the past 1,004 days. Obviously gun violence is quite a problem in America. However, instead of figuring out the best way to implement gun control, we are still arguing if we should even have gun control. This is absolutely absurd to me. guns

We have known for years that stricter gun laws work in other countries. We also know that more guns and vigilante justice are not the answer. It is so infuriating that we are still having this debate because people are dying by the thousands. Guns can be great for hunting and shooting ranges. However, just because guns can be fine in some controlled instances, it does not mean that strict relegation isn’t required. This is why I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-tragedy. Guns can be great, but our gun laws are simply outdated and they lead to too many preventable deaths.

Fellow Patheos writer Neil Carter recently made a great point regarding the similarities of gun control and religious fundamentalism in America: neil

I also see unfortunate similarities with gun control skepticism and climate change skepticism. Just as we should be beyond discussing if we need to worry about climate change, we should be beyond if we need better gun control. We should be having discussions about how best to implement gun control (while addressing factors like toxic masculinity) and how best fight climate change. It’s unfortunate that both of these matters of life and death are wrapped up in partisan politics.

Gun control is simply being anti-tragedy, which is a “political agenda” that everyone should be able to support. The easy access to guns are directly contributing to an incredible amount of gun related deaths in our country. We must have the courage to have discussions beyond our political ideologies in order to end the horrendous amount of gun violence in our country.

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