The Democratic debate wasn’t racist enough for some Republicans

The Democratic debate wasn’t racist enough for some Republicans October 14, 2015

Last night five Democrats running for President addressed a variety of tough issues without name calling or xenophobia. I thought Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton did well and Martin O’Malley made some good points too. Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee did not look so strong in my opinion. However, all of the candidates collectively had a better debate than any of the Republicans. As the Democratic candidates discussed issues affecting Americans in a diplomatic way, here are some of the replies from their conservative opponents. huck1   huck2 trump1 Okay so Huckabee spouts off some blatant racism and Trump is still supporting the “All Lives Matter” rubbish. These were the critiques of the debate from a couple Republicans that are seriously running for President. I didn’t see the other Republican candidates say racist things about the debate yet, but I think it’s very unlikely that any Republican will call out their colleague’s explicit racism. We saw last night that the Democrats didn’t have to resort to fear mongering and xenophobia to get votes. Personally, I think Bernie Sanders is the best Democratic candidate, but anyone is better than the current GOP.

Martin O’Malley summed up the differences between the two parties beautifully.


Featured image from Gage Skidmore under Creative Commons 2.0

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