Christian calls out his peers for “War on Christmas” (VIDEO)

Christian calls out his peers for “War on Christmas” (VIDEO) November 8, 2015

Every year around this time we start seeing stories pop up about the “War on Christmas.” As an atheist, I find this absurd as Christians are the dominant religion in America, but some of them still get upset when they can’t force their beliefs onto others whenever they feel like it. The latest “battle” this holiday season is from Starbucks not putting Merry Christmas on their cups. Seriously.

Obviously not all Christians are behaving so childishly and some are thankfully calling out their peers. I really appreciated fellow Patheos blogger Benjamin Corey’s video calling out the absurdity of fighting Starbucks when there are so many actual problems in our world. Instead of worrying about cup designs, Corey asks his fellow Christians to “love radically” and focus on helping others. Increasing the love in our world instead of worrying about cup designs is something both atheists and theists should be able to agree on.


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