Progressive, Indeed: An Analysis of the Papacy of Jorge Bergoglio

Progressive, Indeed: An Analysis of the Papacy of Jorge Bergoglio November 9, 2015

The following post is by my good friend and fellow atheist Patrick Anderson. Patrick already broke onto the Patheos scene with his excellent piece on the necessity of anti-theism and will now begin a series of articles explaining in detail how Pope Francis is anything but progressive. 

Hello, Beautiful Readers!

Since his ascendance to the papacy, much has been written and said about Pope Francis throughout the world.  His supporters believe him to be the most progressive pontiff ever to hold the position, and that he will launch the Catholic Church into the 21st Century.  His detractors have accused him of being a two-faced charlatan who panders to the more progressive factions of his church while making no substantive changes to problematic church doctrine, nor increasing accountability within Vatican City or throughout the Church on the whole.

Although many bloggers on Patheos have written excellent articles synopsizing their support of the latter position, I would like to go a step further and discuss specific grievances that many who consider themselves progressive have with this Pope.  Over the next few months, I will be writing a series that I’m calling Pope Posts, in which I will write about the comments, actions, and inactions of Pope Francis that fully justify all progressives in crying shenanigans on his papacy.

I would like to make it very clear that my intention with this particular series is NOT to criticize Catholics on the whole.  On the contrary, it is my greatest hope that by writing about the odious doings of their church and its leader that I can open dialogue with the many intelligent, humane, and I believe largely unaware (of some of the decisions made during Francis’s papacy) members of the Catholic faith who are a very important part of the discussion here on Patheos.

That said: feel free to find me on Facebook and let me know what you think of this idea and my future writings!  Unlike Pope Francis, I welcome intelligent dissenting commentary, constructive criticism of my position, and not only fully respect the rights of others to question what I say but strongly encourage them to do so.

Does that sound like a rather harsh dig at Francis already?  Do I need to justify having written it?  Well, I suppose you will have to read my first entry in the Pope Posts, entitled “So Much for Turning the Other Cheek” in which I will discuss the Pope’s reaction to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, to receive satisfaction!

Other Pope posts by Patrick: who IS he to judge? 

Until then, Beautiful Readers!

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