Satanists show they are much nicer than Christians

Satanists show they are much nicer than Christians November 19, 2015

It’s appalling to see how many Christians have been quick to turn away Syrian refugees. Wasn’t there a story in their Bible about a Middle Eastern couple that needed a place to stay? Now we have our proudly Christian politicians stating how they will turn away all Syrian refugees and some want to send back those who have arrived. Donald Trump even wants Muslims to now have a special ID and be entered in a national database! None of this seems very kind (or Christian) to me.

Thankfully, we have the Satanists to help us out. The Satanic Temple  is a group dedicated to fighting bigotry, pseudoscience, and religious oppression. In a time when Muslims are being treated so poorly, a local Satanic Temple group warmly welcomed to assist them as you can see in their Facebook post below. They have been receiving media attention for this, but as you can see in their initial post, that wasn’t their intention at all as they wanted to help anyone who needed them without identifying themselves.


If only Christians would learn something from Satanists, the world might be a friendlier place!

Featured image from The Satanic Temple


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