No charges for officer that killed Tamir Rice

No charges for officer that killed Tamir Rice December 28, 2015

I wish we lived in a world where this lack of indictment would be completely shocking, but it’s becoming more of the norm for officers who murder people of color. Tamir Rice’s killer will get away without any charges.


If you don’t remember the details, 12 year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed as he was walking around a park in Ohio with a toy pellet gun. Someone did call 911 and said there was a guy with a gun, but also said it was “probably fake.” The officer shot and killed Tamir two seconds after arriving at the scene. That’s the part that really bothers me. How was this a “justified” action? Couldn’t the officer have tried to speak to the child first? Or could they have used non-lethal force? Why the immediate kill shot?

I’m just so sick of seeing white cops kill black people in my country. It’s outrageous that they can continue to get away with it as well. Outrage is important to motivate people to call out these problems and change our culture. However, as a white person, it’s a privilege to only be outraged about these events because I don’t have to fear for my life as well.

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