Top Five Atheist Blog Posts of 2015

Top Five Atheist Blog Posts of 2015 December 28, 2015

My blog only started this August, but I’d like to recap my short time on Patheos by sharing my most popular posts of the year. It’s been fun writing these past few months and thank you all so much for reading! Here are my top five most popular posts of 2015!


5.) Atheism has a sexism problem and we all need to help fix it

As someone who is both passionate about gender equality and secularism, it saddens me to see so much sexism within atheist circles. I feel like our small community has made great strides recently to increase diversity and equality, but there is a long way to go. This post pissed a lot of people off, but the comments in that post speak for themselves. If anyone is still skeptical of sexism within the atheist community, just try to take a step back from your biases and actually listen to women’s stories.

4.) Five reasons why this atheist is not anti-religious

My views have evolved since I wrote this post as I mistakenly attacked a cartoonish version of anti-theism, but I still stand by most of it. I’ve seen atheists be rather cruel to religious believers and I think we should never attack people, but their beliefs are certainly open to criticism. I think that nuanced anti-theist positions have a great deal of merit and I’m just against the sloppy reasoning and bias I see among atheists (and with everyone else, including myself).

3.) Angry Christian Outburst shows Why it is Hard to be a Black Atheist

I’ve heard black atheists talk about the extra barriers involved with being a black nonbeliever, but this experience was very explicit in showing exactly the kind of extra crap they have to deal with.  Basically, black atheists deal with the stigma of atheism, but Christianity is often deeply embedded in their culture so they are seen as a “race traitor” as well. For more information, check out the CNN article by Mandisa Thomas and also be sure to support groups like Black Nonbelievers.

2.) No, atheist kids are not more altruistic than religious kids.


I was so frustrated with the press that “Religious Kids are Jerks” study was getting. In this post, I point out three major flaws I saw in the study and I argue that we cannot conclude that atheist kids are more altruistic than religious kids. I was very happy to see some atheists admit that they were too quick to think the study’s conclusion was true, but other atheists doubled down and a few even called me a “Christian” lol. Yes, all studies have limitations, but I felt the methods in this study were so problematic that the conclusions were way too strong.

1.) Can we stop slut-shaming and attacking the looks of women whom we disagree with?



This short rant about Kim Davis was actually the most popular post on Patheos during the first week of September. I hated all the nastiness thrown at Davis so I was glad to see my post get some attention. I completely disagree with her views, but we definitely don’t have to resort to name-calling to get our points across. This applies to everyone, not just Kim Davis.

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