Activist Brilliantly Pranks Republican Presidential Candidates

Activist Brilliantly Pranks Republican Presidential Candidates January 3, 2016

The current Republican presidential candidates have certainly been making a lot of people grumpy so far. Elaine Cooper is a fellow South Carolina activist and has decided to show her dissatisfaction with the Republican presidential candidates by crashing campaign events hosted in our state. Elaine got this idea after meeting Senator Ted Cruz. She had an unsatisfactory exchange with him about his wacky immigration ideas, which showed in the corresponding picture she took with him. After that, Elaine decided to try and get grumpy pictures with all the Republican candidates. In one interview she said: 

“The idea just felt right, and I knew that I had to go forward and get all the Repubs.”

Below are pictures of “Grumpy Elaine” with most of the Republican presidential candidates, as well as quotes from Elaine sharing what she learned from meeting them. Enjoy!

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Ted Cruz

“The first Grumpy photo -this was taken at my very FIRST SC Republican convention. I walked in and someone greeted me immediately and told me that I could become a delegate right that moment. I was thrilled and thought of all the funny stuff that I could caucus and throw votes, etc. Unfortunately, a black neighbor – who was working with the Republicans – recognized me as the Democrat that I am and she told me “no way – forget you – you Democrat.” Fortunately, she stayed at her station and I was able to corner Cruz and talk about immigration. You know – that I was third generation immigrant and that my son was first generation (adopted from Korea) and that we were typical immigrants that helped build and make the US great – so what was his problem with a path to citizenship for others?

He cranked on and on about “The Wall.” I told him “the wall” was not sustainable. Cruz then went into the Freedom Summit in Greenville SC to use some of my conversation into his big popular joke at the Freedom Summit event in Greenville (that I got kicked out of 3 times) Cruz joked: ‘I will fire ALL of the IRS employees and have them work at “the wall” to keep immigrants out – that is how it will be sustainable.’ Big laugh.  Also Cruz called his fellow Republicans ‘descending locusts on SC’ at the Freedom event in Greenville. That remained my favorite quote and it does not take much to visualize Cruz as a locust.”

cooper christie
Elaine with Chris Christie

“I complimented and thanked him for opposing seismic testing and offshore oil drilling ..and asked him to talk to our governor. He spun out of it and turned it into some wacked comment about not recognizing climate change / he seemed confused that he might have done something right. Republicans cannot stand this guy.”

cooper huckabee
Elaine with Mike Huckabee

“This was taken when he signed his papers to enter the SC primary – just like the photo with Carly – both signing their SC papers. Huckabee is a lot of hot air. A teensey crowd was present. Not much to say – he is so underwhelming.”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Rick Perry (before he dropped out)

“Sweaty Perry. The fans chose sweaty Perry over another photo of Smarty Perry with our matching glasses. Perry chose the hottest August day to have a high noon event on a blacktop in a parking lot. What a nut! Anyway – a couple of months later – I caught up to him at one of his last little meeting where we found out that he had “let go” of most of his staff. Perry really hates immigrants and is about war mongering – somehow Repubs cannot stand this guy.”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Marco Rubio

“This photo was taken at the Columbia Rubio HQ opening. The place was packed and tons of veterans were “placed for maximum visibility” in front of the camera around Veterans Day and some young people were “placed” in strategic visibility for the cameras. All of the voters waited for a long time while Rubio posed for TV interviews and made his supporters wait and wait. People started getting offended – waiting.. Rubio should have spent time meeting and talking to his supporters and voters rather than seeking media attention.”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Jeb Bush

“This photo was taken at Sticky Fingers in Mt Pleasant, SC  where we found out that we could have a tiny intimate gathering. We liked Jeb a lot.. he started trashing Trump immediately. His peeps had kicked out any possible trackers. Jeb was suspicious that I was video taping – but eventually accepted it…This was the time in political history that Jeb cut back on staff and funneled his SuperPac money into TV commercials. We kinda liked Jeb until he started up with the BS about strong military crap and what was wrong with our president Obama.”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Rand Paul

“I only like this guy for his downsizing the military comments ..I caught up with him at a small Town Hall meeting in the morning before the Democratic Debate at Winthrop. I admired his balls – in having this sparsely attended event at the same college – on the same day – as the Democratic Debate with Rachel Maddow. I had to go – being a political junkie that I am.”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with SC’s own Lindsay Graham (before he dropped out)

“SC Lindsey Graham – he is an embarrassment. He knows me and I put a sweet Republican up to asking him to allow this photo. Thank God that he is no longer running. Although Lindsey Graham was the ONLY one who believed in Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship and Lindsey does recognize that Climate Change does exist and is caused by man. This is progress.  Anyway – Republicans do not like him for some reason…”

Photo provided by Elaine Cooper
Elaine with Carly Fiorina

“Carly. She is a trip. I kinda melted hearing about her breast cancer survival and her child dying from a drug overdose.. But – she is plum crazy – spouting her crap about no taxes and that the Private sector would take care of everybody. What the hell planet does she live on?”

cooper carson
Elaine with Ben Carson

“I posted this photo with the whole true story of Dr. Carson’s visit to Barnes and Noble in FOREST ACRES in the RAIN immediately after the Oct 4th flood. Carson did not extend any compassion or greetings to families, or to the press. Forest Acres was one of the hardest hit areas from the flood – my home is less than mile away. First you had to buy Carson’s book at a $25 to even shake his hand. My friend bought it for me. You were not supposed to ask Carson anything (even though these are candidates running for POTUS – a public elected job elected by the public) – but I did – because this is not a third world country.

As Carson’s team escorted me out- two huge men were dragging me -a 62 yr old lady – I asked my question: “Dr. Carson – I live less than a mile away in one of the hardest hit flooded areas and we are suffering from flood damage – and I am having trouble affording my doctor’s bills and meds- with that said – I will have to get a job at McDonald’s – will you support raising the federal minimum wage ? ” He said -” I will get back to you.”

cooper trump
Elaine with Donald Trump

“First of all – many, many Republicans never get this close – physically to Trump and they never get to shake his hand. How did I do it you ask? Well, after being kicked out of the Freedom Shindig Bible thumping Greenville, SC event two times – I decided to go power up my iphone for more wacky video and photos. I walked into the adjacent hotel and noticed a lot of Hispanics and black workers lining up in the lobby. I asked: “what is going on?”  They told me that “they were told to line up and greet Trump.”  I said – Holy s—, looked up, and there he was entering the lobby. I rushed over and stuck my camera in a young Repub’s hand and got this rare photo.

The greeters were a handful of peeps – other than the hotel hired workers. I was wondering if Trump owned the hotel. Also – Trump was not invited /or did not accept the invite to the Freedom shindig that was hosted by Deminted ( DeMint) working for the Heritage Foundation. I thought that these so called Christians thought that Trump was not up to their “standards” and this is also what the Republican Christian Freedom shindig attendees (audience members) told me.”

Elaine tried to get pictures with Bobby Jindal and John Kasich, but was thrown out of their events before she had the chance. Elaine hopes her pictures will inspire more people to become involved in the political process:

“The idea is to inspire all to go see and hear the candidates for themselves. Engage with your possible elected officials. Ask politicians questions, and always take a grumpy picture to illustrate that you think they are crazy”

Of course not every presidential candidate made Elaine frown!

cooper sanders
Elaine with Bernie Sanders

Photos provided by Elaine Cooper


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