Creators of fake Planned Parenthood videos get indicted

Creators of fake Planned Parenthood videos get indicted January 25, 2016


A grand jury has indicted the creators of the fake Planned Parenthood videos,David Daleiden and Sandra Merrit.

Daleiden and Merrit claimed these videos showed Planned Parenthood employees discussing how they sell fetal tissue and aborted organs. These claims were shown to be false as the videos were highly edited to make the organization look bad and the jurors officially ruled that Planned Parenthood is not guilty of any wrong doing.

Instead of Planned Parenthood getting in trouble, Daleiden has been indicted for the “purchase and sale of human organs.” This charge likely occurred from in his attempts to make Planned Parenthood look bad with the edited videos. Both Daleiden and Merrit have also been indicted for “tampering with a governmental record.”

This is great news and Planned Parenthood can hopefully feel vindicated. While it’s nice to see the legal system ultimately catch the bad guys, the damage has already been done as we saw a terrorist shoot up a Planned Parenthood after being influenced by those videos. Hopefully, this indictment can correct some of the harmful lies spread about Planned Parenthood and those lies can no longer be used to attack women’s health.

Featured image from Charlotte Cooper under Creative Commons 2.0

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