Black Lives Matter activist confronts Hillary Clinton at campaign event (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter activist confronts Hillary Clinton at campaign event (VIDEO) February 25, 2016
Ashley Williams at the Hillary Clinton campaign event

Activist Ashley Williams recently attended a Hillary Clinton campaign event at a private residence in Charleston, South Carolina where she paid $500 to attend. When Hillary started talking about criminal justice reform, Williams quietly displayed a sign that read “we have to bring them to heel” which was a statement Hillary made in 1996 referring to African American youth.

As you can see in the video below, Hillary starts to read the sign and then Williams explains to her that this is what she said about black people and wanted her to address it. Hillary supporters actually hiss at Williams and someone even yells “she’s trespassing.” Was this actually a Donald Trump event?

Hillary responds in just about the worst way possible by completely dismissing the young activist and has her thrown out of the event. As the activist is escorted out of the event, white people cheer and Hillary says “back to the issues.” Apparently, addressing her own racism isn’t an issue for Hillary Clinton.

Ashley Williams described her concerns about Hilary Clinton in an interview:

“I wanted to bring her to confront her own words. We did this because we wanted to make sure that black people are paying attention to her record, and we want to know what Hillary we are getting.”

“Hillary Clinton has a pattern of throwing the Black community under the bus when it serves her politically. She called our boys ‘super-predators’ in ’96, then she race-baited when running against Obama in ‘08, now she’s a lifelong civil rights activist. I just want to know which Hillary is running for President, the one from ’96, ’08, or the new Hillary?”

Polls have consistently shown that Hilary Clinton is not seen as trustworthy by the American people. With Bernie Sanders surging, Hilary could very well lose another Democratic nomination. If she does, she won’t have anyone to blame, but herself and her own dishonesty.

[Featured image from Youtube screengrab]

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