Muslim woman kicked out of bank for wearing hijab

Muslim woman kicked out of bank for wearing hijab February 20, 2016

The outfit of the woman who was kicked out of the Omaha bank

An Omaha bank demanded a Muslim woman remove her hijab when she entered the building. According the woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) they still wouldn’t let her open a bank account even after she eventually removed her headscarf.

The Omaha bank was recently robbed by people who were covering their faces with a mask so they claimed they were being extra cautious. However, as you can see in the picture above, the woman’s face wasn’t even covered.

In a Facebook post, a friend of the woman shared more of the story:

“She was crying and removed it because she was afraid she had done something wrong. She called the police and they said the bank had the right to do that for security purposes.”

Based on what is known about the story so far, it seems like clear discrimination against this woman took place. If her face was covered I could maybe see their argument, but it was only a headscarf. I’m so sick of prejudice against Muslims occurring regularly in our country. I hope the bank faces consequences as this kind of behavior is simply unacceptable.

UPDATE: The bank has now revised it’s policy! According to the bank: “only items that obscure portions of a walk-in vistor’s face must be removed….the recent situation was an unfortunate misunderstanding.”

[Featured image via Facebook]

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