“Pro-rape” rally to be crashed by female boxing team

“Pro-rape” rally to be crashed by female boxing team February 3, 2016


The pick-up artist and blogger “Roosh” has obtained from some notoriety from his misogynistic writing including advocating for rape to be legal. Here is a sample excerpt from one of his articles:

“After I read the opinion of a girl… I snoop around to see if I can find photos of her. If she’s pretty, then I may consider the points she raised, but if she’s not someone that I would bang, I safely disregard everything she said since following her ideas would push me farther away from getting the attractive women that I desire. Another example: if a pretty girl in a bar compliments my shirt, I know I’m on the right track, but if an ogre does the same, I disregard it completely. I prepare to burn the shirt if another ogre hits me with a similar compliment.”

Sometimes words cannot describe how disgusting a person can be. “Roosh” has made news again by claiming that this Saturday 165 locations spread out across 43 countries will host rallies to promote the misogyny discussed in his writing. It’s unlikely that anyone will actually show up to these events and it’s likely just a publicity stunt to get more people to click on his blog posts. So why am I even writing about “Roosh” and giving him the attention he craves?

Because a women’s boxing club in Toronto has threatened to crash the rally if they see them and that’s awesome. I’m no advocate for violence, but I think it would be great to see these cowards run away at the sight of some badass looking women. Again, I doubt any of these men will actually show up, but if they do they won’t act as though as they do behind their keyboards.

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