Transgender student suspended for using “wrong” bathroom

Transgender student suspended for using “wrong” bathroom February 6, 2016
Socastee High School, SC

A South Carolina high school student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been suspended because the school decided they were using the “wrong” bathroom. The student happens to be transgender and identifies as a boy. He was using the boy’s bathrooms at school for three years until a male teacher saw him leave the bathroom and reported him. The mother of the student claims that the teacher must have checked the student’s records to see that he was born genetically female.

The next day, the Socastee school administrators called the student into their office and demanded that he use the girl’s bathroom or go to the nurse’s office. The boy has been trying to avoid going to the bathroom all together; however, a teacher saw him go into a boy’s bathroom and he was promptly suspended from school. They didn’t even tell his parents or send a copy of the write-up of the suspension.

The school refused to cooperate with the student and he has since dropped out of school and will finish his degree online. Sadly, he also had to stop taking drama class and drop out of the play he was doing as well.

The mother of the child had this to say about the situation:

“Let the transgender kids be themselves. Let them be safe and let them be comfortable. Let them have their education in an environment where they are not harassed or felt to be unsafe.”

This is a heartbreaking story and I hope the school faces some serious consequences for how they treated one of their students. As a reminder, there have been exactly zero times someone has pretended to be trans in order to assault someone in a bathroom. This is compared to 70% of trans people who have been denied entrance to, harassed, or assaulted in a bathroom. I hope that other schools can learn from how poorly Socastee handled the situation because this is completely unacceptable.

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