Hillary supporters brag about shutting down Bernie groups on Facebook

Hillary supporters brag about shutting down Bernie groups on Facebook April 26, 2016

Last night six pro Bernie Sanders groups were taken down on Facebook. Each of these groups had over 40,000 members. They are back up now, but were down while being reviewed for harassment. What happened? Well, it appears that several Hillary supporters have publicly bragged about falsely reporting Bernie groups to shut them down. Some members of the Bernie groups said that pornography appeared and people were reporting it too. The following screenshots are from the (now disabled) Facebook Group Bros 4 Hillary


hillaryfans1 hillaryfans2

I doubt that Hillary paid any of these people to do this, but it’s disgusting. Even if these people didn’t actually get the groups shut down, why would they brag about trying to falsely report Bernie groups? There is a lot of talk about the “Bernie Bros,” but it seems Hillary has her fair share of awful supporters as well.

[Featured images from Facebook via Heavy.com. I blacked out the names because I don’t like publicly shaming people even if they do stupid stuff]

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