South Carolina Senator Proposes Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill

South Carolina Senator Proposes Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill April 6, 2016


South Carolina Senator Lee Bright has proposed a new bill that would require people to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth. A similar bill recently passed in North Carolina that resulted in some strong backlash including companies pulling their facilities (and jobs) from the state. 

Gender is not the same as biological sex and I wish politicians would understand this before proposing bills that conflate the two. You can be born of the biological sex male or female and then identify as a woman or man for your gender. Thus, it’s completely ignorant to try to force people to use the gendered bathrooms for their biological sex. Personally, I don’t think we should have gendered restrooms at all, but while we have them, we should at least acknowledge that transgender people exist.

Senator Bright claims this bill is a matter of “public safety,” but it’s quite obviously an anti-transgender bill. People simply don’t pretend to be another gender to assault people in restrooms. People who want to assault people are going assault people regardless of any bathroom laws. The scary thing is that this bill has support beyond Bright. Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin says he doesn’t want “cross-dressers” going into a bathroom with his granddaughters. Mayor of Irmo, South Carolina Hardy King also had some ignorant comments about the bill that he foolishly posted on the comments section of The State’s article on this story:

Screen capture was taken before he deleted the comment

With the South Carolina legislative session ending in less than two months, this bill may not have time to turn into a law. Additionally, Governor Nikki Haley suggested that the bill was unnecessary citing how the religious freedom bill passed in 1999 worked “just fine.” Hopefully, this foolish bathroom bill is only used to appease Bright’s bigoted constituency and never becomes a law.

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