Bernie Sanders Press Secretary: “No one stole this election!”

Bernie Sanders Press Secretary: “No one stole this election!” July 25, 2016

With the recent leaked Democratic National Committee emails revealing some bias, some Bernie Sanders supporters have been quick to say the primary was “rigged” or that Hillary “stole the election.” Bernie dismissed these conspiracies earlier and again voiced the importance of supporting Hillary Clinton. Now his Press Secretary, Symone Sanders, was even more explicit on Twitter as you can see below.

So there you have it. Symone was heavily involved in this process and would certainly know if those leaked DNC emails really meant someone “rigged” this election. It was terrible that some people thought about using atheism to hurt Bernie Sanders, but it wasn’t any sort of widespread conspiracy and no action was followed up on that email. Bernie supporters at the Democratic Convention are currently expressing their dissatisfaction the primary process, but I hope once they get it out of their system we can all come together to support Hillary Clinton to prevent a Trump presidency.

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