Five quotes that sum up Mike Pence’s anti-science beliefs

Five quotes that sum up Mike Pence’s anti-science beliefs July 16, 2016

Mike Pence

When Trump announced that he picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, many people already knew about Pence’s bigotry. Mike Pence has openly fought against gay rights and women’s rights. However, he is not just a bigot, he has some extremely anti-science beliefs that make Trump/Pence 2016 a dangerous bigoted anti-science combination. The Washington Post collected five quotes that sum up Pence’s anti-science positions.

1) “God created the heavens and the Earth, the seas and all that’s in them.”

In this Youtube clip, you can see Pence defend creationism and give non-answers to whether he actually supports evolution.

2) “I think the science is very mixed on the subject of global warming.”

So Trump believes global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese and his running mate says the science is “mixed” on the issue. Sigh. That’s sadly a bit of an upgrade, but it’s still terrible. There is a strong scientific consensus that the climate is changing. 

3) “Smoking doesn’t kill.”

This is a less common position to hold today, but still rather bizarre. Pence seriously thinks that the science that linked smoking to lung cancer is part of a conspiracy. Wow.

4) “I think in our schools we should teach all of the facts about all of these controversial areas, and let our students, let our children and our children’s children decide based upon the facts and the science.”

So if you kept watching the above YouTube clip, you’ll see that Pence is totally on board with “teaching the controversy” in schools. No, it’s not just enough for him to not support evolution, he wants to promote such anti-science positions in our schools.

5) “Abortion-inducing drugs can be very dangerous.”

Not only is Pence against a woman’s right to choose, he backs up his position with pseudoscience. Scientists have shown that abortion-inducing drugs are not dangerous. This is a myth supported by those who desperately want to cling on to their anti-abortion positions.

[Featured image from Gage Skidmore under Creative Commons 2.0]


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