Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein

Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein July 15, 2016

“Jill Stein” by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0

I was and still am a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. I believed deeply in his ideals, volunteered on his campaign and even donated some of my tiny grad school income to his campaign. Some leftists are arguing that Jill Stein is the next option even though Bernie has officially endorsed Clinton. I’ve already written about why I was happy to switch my support to Clinton, but some people are still telling me I should vote for Stein. Even if Clinton were not an option, here are five reasons why I do not want to vote for Stein.

1) Jill Stein panders to the anti-science crowd

Supporting science is an important value of mine and that’s why I couldn’t ‘vote my conscience’ and vote for the Greens. Jill Stein has been accused of being anti-vaccine and pro-homeopathy. If you read her statements more carefully, she’s not as quite as explicitly anti-science as some people think.

However, her nebulous statements on the issues are bad enough for me. Giving non-answers about vaccines and homeopathy appeases her anti-science crowd and also avoids getting too much negative attention from people who care about science. I really wish she would simply state “vaccines are good and homeopathy is bad” as it would force some of her anti-science followers to re-evaluate their harmful beliefs. She has an MD from Harvard so I doubt she’s ignorant about medical science. She’s pandering to her woo friendly base instead of explicitly promoting vaccine use, something that could save thousands of lives. 

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