Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of speech is what our troops fought for

Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of speech is what our troops fought for August 30, 2016

Colin Kaepernick. Image via Wikipedia

NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has stated that he will not stand during that the National Anthem because of how our country treats people of color. Personally, I’m happy to see Colin Kaepernick using his platform for good as racism and police brutality are major problems in our country. Here is a video of Kaepernick explaining his views:

However, many people have disagreed with Kaepernick and some have even called him “un-American” or “disrespectful to our military.” Both of these claims are demonstrably false for one simple reason.

Our military fights for our freedom. That includes freedom of speech and freedom to protest. Kaepernick is simply using the freedom given to him by the constitution that our military preserves for all of us. Even if you disagree with Kaepernick, it’s absurd to say that he’s anti-American. Voicing your opinion and protesting for what you think is right is just about the most American thing a person can do.

Jim Wright, a US veteran, shared some of his insights regarding Kaepernick in a very powerful Facebook post. Here is a quote that really struck me.

“A true veteran might not agree with Colin Kaepernick, but a true veteran would fight to the death to protect his right to say what he believes.”

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