Sign outside memorial service asks people to avoid saying religious platitudes

Sign outside memorial service asks people to avoid saying religious platitudes August 29, 2016

Losing someone close to you is one of the hardest things people can go through. As an atheist, I definitely do not want to hear how the person I cared about is “in a better place” or their death was “part of God’s plan.” I don’t believe those things at all so even if the religious person is trying to be helpful, it comes across as patronizing. Atheists don’t want to deal with that when they are already grieving.

Well someone finally put up a sign outside a memorial service that asks religious people to avoid saying these meaningless platitudes to atheists! When a Reddit users husband died, she said she didn’t want to hear anymore of those statements. This sign was put up to let religious people know that such comments were not helpful and it gave suggestions on what to do instead.


I personally love this sign. If someone is going through a tough time, we should try to support them. That might mean some religious people will have to refrain from using their platitudes. Atheists find meaning in their own ways and if we care about them, it’s worth asking how we can help them and listening to their concerns. I might want a similar sign put up at my funeral!

[Featured image via Reddit]

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