Trump’s America is Already Terrifying

Trump’s America is Already Terrifying November 10, 2016

Something I was extremely worried about was how our culture would be impacted by Trump. As I mentioned before, we might be able to fight against awful bills and there is some long term hope, but right now, things are scary. How would a President-elect who is openly racist, sexist, and xenophobic impact our society? Well so far, it doesn’t look good. Warning: these stories below are absolutely horrible:





You can see more stories from Insanul Ahmed and Shaun King as the list continues to grow. 

The last story I shared is terrible, but it was nice to see the people stand up for the woman being assaulting. We must come together and fight against this horrible behavior. We cannot remain silent as that can be interpreted as a tacit endorsement of bigotry. It would be great if Trump and/or his supporters would call out this behavior, but if that doesn’t happen, it’s on the rest of us to protect our country.

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