Trump calls Time’s Person of the Year “politically correct”

Trump calls Time’s Person of the Year “politically correct” December 9, 2016

Donald Trump is Time’s Person of the Year for 2016. This isn’t an endorsement from Time, but rather who was the most notable person this year and Trump certainly dominated the headlines.

Upon receiving the title, Trump commented that the title was politically correct: 

“They used to call it ‘Man of the Year,’ but they can’t do that anymore, so they call it ‘person.’ They want to be politically correct. That’s OK.”

This really isn’t surprising as Trump’s campaign routinely tried to galvanize his base by attacking political correctness. It is depressing that Trump felt the need to criticize Time for making their title more inclusive. Trump was also upset that Time commented on America being a divided nation because “he isn’t president yet.” He vowed to “bring our country together.” Maybe he can start by renouncing the bigotry that fueled his campaign.


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