Republican Arrested After Grabbing Woman By Her Genitals

Republican Arrested After Grabbing Woman By Her Genitals January 16, 2017

Christopher von Keyserling. Image via Facebook.

The infamous video of Trump bragging about grabbing women by their genitals was sadly not enough to cost him to presidency. Enough Americans either thought this wasn’t a big deal or that his other “qualities” outweighed him bragging about sexual assault. It still bothers me that such a video wasn’t enough to ruin the campaign of a severely unqualified candidate, but I digress. Having our President-Elect involved with such vile behavior makes us all look bad, but such words can have influence the behavior of others as well.

Christopher von Keyserling was arrested and charged with sexual assault after grabbing his female co-worker by her genitals. He will appear in court January 25th. From the Westport Daily:

A well-known Greenwich Republican called a town worker “nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee” and later reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in the groin area, according to the police arrest warrant.

I agree with Benjamin Corey that this von Keyserling guy sounds like a scumbag and it’s likely he was a misogynist long before Trump ran for President. However, words from influential people do have an impact. If someone can become president after bragging about sexual assault, that certainly normalizes the idea that men have ownership over women’s bodies. Furthermore, von Keyserling reportedly said that he “loves this new world” (under Trump) and is glad he no longer has to be “politically correct.” It’s on men to continue to call out toxic ideas and awful behavior, and we have to be particularly vigilant now that Trump will be in office.

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