Advocating For Diversity Is Not Political

Advocating For Diversity Is Not Political February 10, 2017
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The March for Science will be taking place on April 22 to advocate for science, research, and evidence-based policies. This is a response to the current administration that doesn’t seem to value evidence very much.  Mobilizing and organizing to fight for scientific progress seems like a good idea for anyone who cares about science, but a few scientists do not support the march. Scientists are not monolithic so of course people can support or not support the march, but some scientists are against the march for some pretty bad reasons.

Steven Pinker argued that the Science March “compromises its goals with anti-science PC/identity politics/hard-left rhetoric” on Twitter.

What could make Pinker think that the Science March was so overly political? He cites their mission statement to be inclusive. Seriously.

Alex Berezow was even more direct saying he won’t attend the march because of the “political partisanship” from this tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 6.24.47 PM

The March for Science also tweeted a few times about how they are advocating for diversity in science.

Advocating for diversity in science is not political. It’s about being a decent human being. We should aim to make science more inclusive for everyone. I fail to see how that is political unless you are upset by people achieving equality. More brains in science is a good thing. Additionally, there is a ton of research on the science of discrimination, which makes it a scientific issue by itself.

Thankfully, such arguments from people like Pinker and Berezow seem to be the minority as many of us science enthusiasts are happy to embrace diversity and equality. I look forward to a day when white men, who have dominated science since its existence, are not threatened by having more minds contributing to research.

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