Priests Who Raped Children Are Sentenced To “Lifetime of Prayer” By Pope Francis

Priests Who Raped Children Are Sentenced To “Lifetime of Prayer” By Pope Francis February 26, 2017
Pope Francis. Image via Malacañang Photo Bureau

Pope Francis is still viewed as a more progressive Pope, but a deeper look into his actions shows that is certainly not the case. Pope Francis has not taken strong action against the child rapists in the Catholic Church and his latest protection of them was appalling.

Mauro Inzoli is a high ranking priest that received Pope Francis’ clemency and was convicted for sex crimes against children in an Italian court. Inzoli, along with several other Catholic priests convicted of sex crimes, were sentenced to be removed from the church by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. However, Pope Francis overruled the defrocking sentence and instead wants the priests to serve a “lifetime of prayer.”

Pope Francis has defended his protection of these child rapists by citing the “mercy” of the church.

This is absolutely outrageous. How is the epidemic of child rape from Catholic priests going to change if the church cannot even police their own? A lifetime of prayer as a sentence is simply unacceptable.

Former Vatican official Rocio Figueroa has spoken out against the Catholic Church saying that they are “not zero tolerance” when it comes to sexual assault against children. However, we need more people in the church, especially those in positions of power, to come out and condemn these light sentences and protections of child rapists.

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