Trump Administration Aims To Take Down Recreational Marijuana

Trump Administration Aims To Take Down Recreational Marijuana February 24, 2017

Image via screengrab

When Sean Spicer was asked about recreational marijuana at a recent press conference, he discussed how there may be much “greater enforcement” in the future.

Spicer tried to link marijuana use to opioid abuse in order to defend banning marijuana. However, there has been little data to suggest a link between the two and marijuana actually has been shown to decrease opioid use. 

The Trump administration plans to be good for private prisons and harmless marijuana users often fill up jail cells. Additionally, we know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions argues that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” so it does seem the Trump administration may take this weed crackdown seriously.

Recreational marijuana is currently legal in eight states and has been gaining momentum to be legal in others. However, the White House is now suggesting they want to intervene on state’s rights. As usual, Republicans only care about state’s rights when it’s convenient for them.

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