The Never-Ending Process Of Social Justice Advocacy

The Never-Ending Process Of Social Justice Advocacy March 25, 2017

Image via Journal of Social Justice.

I certainly learned many toxic and harmful ideas growing up. Some were from Catholicism, some were from the media, some were from people I met. Some of these messages we are exposed to can take years to unlearn and that is assuming we become aware of them and actually want to change!

Once I started realizing how much inequality there is in the world, I wanted to try and do my part to correct it. This meant I had to self-reflect on many ideas and values I had. Some were easier to get rid of than others, but I know it’s going to be a constant process of learning and unlearning as I try to be the best advocate for social justice that I can.

So when I see someone claim they find the process of social justice advocacy easy, I become very skeptical.

I actually had a former Facebook friend claim that they never said or even thought anything bigoted. They said they only learned new ways to improve their social justice advocacy, but never had to unlearn any toxic ideas.

I was very skeptical of this and in general I don’t trust those who claim to never make any mistakes. If you are a human, you have learned some toxic ideas at some point in your life. Claiming you are immune to them is simply dishonest and doesn’t help anyone. We should acknowledge that we make mistakes and then try our best to learn from them and get better.
Social justice is hard work. It’s a never-ending process of trying our best to learn how to be better to others. Those who claim to have it all figured out are lying to themselves and are ultimately hurting the cause they claim to care about.

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