Texas Republicans Propose Bill That Would Let Doctors Lie To Their Patients To Prevent Abortions

Texas Republicans Propose Bill That Would Let Doctors Lie To Their Patients To Prevent Abortions March 6, 2017
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Reproductive rights continue to be under attack in our Republican heavy Congress. Texas Republicans have just introduced an insidious bill that would allow doctors to lie to their patients in order to prevent abortions. Doctors would be allowed to withhold information about potential disabilities the baby could have if they think it may make the woman opt for an abortion.

This bill was met with strong opposition from pro-choice groups in Texas. Margaret Johnson of the Texas League of Women Voters provided testimony against the bill:

“This bill places a [sic] unreasonable restriction on the constitutional right of a woman to make an informed decision about whether or not to have an abortion. SB 25 is a not-so-subtle way to give medical personnel the opportunity to impose religious beliefs on women.”

Blake Rocap of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas also provided testimony against the bill:

“It shouldn’t be the policy for the state of Texas to excuse doctors from lying to their patients… That’s what this bill does.”

Basically, if this bill became a law, an anti-abortion doctor could lie about the well-being of a woman’s fetus to trick her into not getting an abortion. The fetus could have some very serious health condition and the woman may opt to abort instead of having the child, but she wouldn’t know about it. That’s outrageous and I’m worried that this bill may gain traction in a Republican dominated legislature in Texas.

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