You could be denied coverage for being raped under Trumpcare

You could be denied coverage for being raped under Trumpcare May 4, 2017
Image via Gage Skidmore

Trump’s second attempt of repealing the Affordable Care Act was passed through the House today by a narrow vote (zero Democrats voted for the bill). The new healthcare plan, or “Trumpcare” is an absolute disaster. Millions will lose their coverage, the cost of many health conditions will skyrocket, Medicare will be slashed, and there will be large tax cuts to the super rich.  The American Medical Association has spoken out against Trumpcare stating that it will do “serious harm.” Those with pre-existing conditions can be denied coverage as well and this now includes sexual assault and domestic violence.

You read that correctly. Both sexual assault and domestic violence will be considered pre-existing conditions under this new healthcare plan. As  explains, this would severely punish sexual assault survivors:

Under the AHCA, sexual assault is considered a preexisting condition, which means that health insurance companies can deny coverage to the estimated 1 in 6 women (and 1 in 33 men) who have been sexually assaulted. While the bill still has to pass the Senate, in a culture that already discourages sexual assault survivors from speaking out and sharing their stories — through victim blaming, low prosecution rates of those who perpetrate sexual crimes, and endless backlogs of rape kits — it’s not unreasonable to assume that labeling sexual assault as a preexisting condition would even further discourage survivors from coming forward.

As a sexual assault survivor myself, I can’t help but wonder: would I have spoken out about my rape, had I known how my future health care would be affected? I honestly don’t know if I would have, and I am far from the only survivor who feels this way.

This would be horrific if it were to pass. Trumpcare is extremely unpopular and the only silver lining is that those who voted for this bill may not be re-elected come 2018. It’s still not too late! Call your Senators and ask them to vote against Trumpcare now!

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