Last Week White Terrorists Killed More People Than Refugees Have In Over 40 Years

Last Week White Terrorists Killed More People Than Refugees Have In Over 40 Years May 30, 2017
Image of Jeremy Christian via screengrab

Despite all the fear mongering of refugees being dangerous, such attacks are extremely rare. In fact, we have to go back over 40 years to find the last time a refugee killed an American. This took place in the 70s when three Cuban refugees killed three Americans. Since then, no American has been killed by any refugee.

However, in just the past week, three Americans have been killed by white terrorists who spouted off hateful racism before their crimes. In Maryland Richard Collins was murdered by white supremacist Sean Urbanski, which is being probed as a possible hate crime. Then a few days later, Jeremy Christian killed Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche for standing up against his anti-Muslim hate speech. 

These domestic terrorists are a real threat as right-wing terrorists have killed more people since the early 2000s than radical Islamic terrorists. 

But of course this doesn’t fit the narrative of the Trump administration, so they continue to promote misguided action like the Travel Ban.

It’s much easier to spread fear when we can point at those who look different from us as the real danger. However, when we look at the facts, we are much more vulnerable our own neighbors.

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