Video Shows Depressing Consequences of Christian Homeschooling

Video Shows Depressing Consequences of Christian Homeschooling June 20, 2017

The video above shows some brief interviews with children who have been homeschooled by Evangelical Christians. As you might expect the emphasis was more about studying the Bible than other subjects.

However, it was difficult to watch just how little emphasis was placed on science. A girl who may have been about 12 struggled to multiply 12×12, 6×6, and even 5×5. The mom laughs and says that they don’t focus much on math, but she knows her bible!

Other depressing parts were when a mother tells her child “science doesn’t prove anything” and that “Creationism is the only possible answer to all the questions.”

It’s sad to think how these young minds are being purposefully stunted. Their parents probably were taught the same thing by their parents.

How prevalent is Christian homeschooling? Well, about 3% of Americans homeschool their children. Then 64% of those who homeschool claim they do it for religious reasons. It’s hard to get an exact number on how many of these parents are as bad as those in the video, but even one is too many.

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