No Idle Hands Here: The Continued Activism Of The Satanic Temple

No Idle Hands Here: The Continued Activism Of The Satanic Temple July 9, 2017

Lucien and I at the 2015 Atheist Alliance conference. Image from Michael Cluff (who I cropped out of the picture, sorry Michael!)

When I first heard of The Satanic Temple, I was skeptical. I thought they were trouble makers and wasn’t sure if they were really helping secularism.

I was wrong.

Lucien Greaves at I were both speaking at an atheist conference in Atlanta, GA a few years ago. I attended his talk about Grey Faction and was completely blown away at the kind of activism they did. This seemed way different than the inaccurate snippets I heard people talk about The Satanic Temple before. Then I had the pleasure of actually talking to Lucien at the conference and learning more about The Satanic Temple.

Now after learning about what The Satanic Temple is and what they do, I fully support their religion and mission. As we discuss in the podcast, The Satanic Temple is both a religion and political group. They use a religious framework to support their progressive values, but also challenge theocracy. It’s a brilliant approach to activism.

This has been one of my favorite podcasts so far so I hope you enjoy it!

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