Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin A Racial Slur After NFL Protests

Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin A Racial Slur After NFL Protests September 26, 2017
Mike Tomlin. Image via Wikimedia Commons

After Trump’s Tweets calling out NFL players who kneel, The Pittsburgh Steelers sat out the National Anthem as a team. This was actually a pretty tame move as they just avoided the situation altogether and tried to focus on doing something as a team. However, many fans were still upset by the decision.

Feel free to check out the comments on the Pittsburgh Steelers Facebook page. You’ll seen many comments from fans claiming to “burn all their Steelers gear” and sell their tickets. And how dare the Steelers disrespect our troops!

The common argument against the players who kneel is that it is disrespecting our military. But time and time again these players explain how it is not about the military at all. It’s about racial inequality in this country.

Well, as many pointed out, it’s very telling that protesting racism is seen as protesting America. It seems like many Americans want to dance around the racial issues of our country by focusing on how this could be offensive to the military. But then we see some people just blatantly make the connect between the two.

CBS Pittsburgh reported a story about Paul Smith, a Pennsylvania fire chief, who called Tomlin a racial slur after the NFL protests. Smith posted on Facebook that Mike Tomlin “just added himself to the list of no-good n*ggers.”

Wow. He later said in an interview that he “wasn’t racist.” But for some reason he had to use a racial slur when a black person disagreed with him…

This guy is responsible for saving lives. He simply shouldn’t have a job anymore.  Thankfully, he doesn’t.

Smith is just one guy, but it’s telling that he thought his comments would be acceptable to his group of friends. It’s a rare slip of honest feelings in all these deflections and equivocations we see in online discussions about the NFL protests today.

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