Polyamorous? More Like PolyGLAMOROUS!

Polyamorous? More Like PolyGLAMOROUS! November 24, 2017


In our latest episode, Joreth Innkeeper, Ari Stillman, and Jeremiah Traeger all come on the show to debunk myths and share their perspectives on being polyamorous.

I don’t identify as polyamorous myself, but my co-host Patrick Anderson does.  So he also shared his perspectives along with our guests.  We began with each person on the podcast sharing their definition of polyamory and when they realized they were polyamorous.  We talked about how there are misconceptions about polyamory and how no relationship style is more “natural” than the other.  This is because our brains are shaped by both genetics and the environment, so if the relationship orientation works for all involved, then awesome!

Additionally,  we talked about how polyamory can help people communicate better because it forces you to address things in a relationship that monogamy might not. Basically, there are many unhealthy messages about relationships that we learn from societal programming. We talked about how we all can try to get better with dealing with issues like entitlement and jealousy.

Hopefully in the future more people accept polyamory as a legitimate relationship orientation and it will be better represented in the media. It’s unfortunate that some people may be polyamorous, but are afraid to explore those feelings because of cultural biases.  I certainly learned a lot from this episode and I hope my listeners do as well!

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PS: I now have a Patreon if you’d like to support my writing and podcasting.

PPS: I apologize for the sound quality in this episode!  I was trying a new recording technique to record the multiple guests and it didn’t work as well as I would have hoped. I think I finally am learning how to record one guest decently enough, but will get better with hosting more people!

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