Texas Judge Interrupts Jury Decision And Says God Told Him That Defendant Is Not Guilty

Texas Judge Interrupts Jury Decision And Says God Told Him That Defendant Is Not Guilty January 19, 2018
Image via Statesman.com screengrab

Jack Robinson is a judge in Comal County, Texas. He was judging a case where the defendant was accused of forcing a young girl into sex trafficking. The jurors were going to say the defendant was guilty until Judge Robinson interrupted them. 

Judge Robinson told the jury that they should vote not guilty instead. He defended his interruption by stating:  “when God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.”

Fortunately, Judge Robinson recused himself and was replaced with another judge. The defendant tried to argue for a mistrial, but none was granted. The jury ultimately agreed that the defendant was guilty and they will serve up to 25 years in prison.

This wasn’t the first time Robinson has gotten into trouble. In 2011, he jailed a man for contempt because he called Robinson a “fool.” Eric Vinson, executive director for the commission, has not confirmed if any action will be taken against Robinson.

This is very troubling to see a Judge clearly abuse his power and influence his jurors. It’s also troubling that abusing power may be a bit of a pattern for Robinson. I shudder to think about how many local courts can have corrupt judges.

Large scale cases probably will receive enough media attention to keep judges in line. But what about smaller cases such as this one? Thankfully, information can spread easily on the internet to let people know about possible abuse. However, there are likely times that Judges have abused their power and got away with it.

America has a lot of freedom compared to other countries, but we certainly are not perfect. There are still plenty of people who justify bad behavior with religion. This is especially troubling when they are authority figures. I hope Judge Robinson receives some sort of punishment for his attempt to sway the jury.

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