Florida Legislature Declares That Pornography Is A Health Risk

Florida Legislature Declares That Pornography Is A Health Risk February 20, 2018
Ross Spano. Image via YouTube screengrab

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida House of Representatives has declared pornography as a health risk. Florida Republican Representative Ross Spano is leading this important fight and the House of Representatives voted to approve his resolution to protect Floridians from the harmful effects of pornography today.

Representative Spano argues there is “research” that supports the harm of pornography, but we are still waiting to see what peer-reviewed publications he will share with us. From my experience providing scientific testimony against an anti-abortion bill in South Carolina, I can tell you that legislators simply do not care about scientific research when it goes against their agenda. I summarized the neuroscience of why a fetus cannot feel pain and an SC legislator (Lee Bright) tried to counter my scientific citations with an anti-abortion documentary. The same legislator also asked an abortion doctor (who testified after me) if a baby ever tried to run away during the procedure…

These are the people who write our laws.

We’ll see what happens in Florida as this anti-porn act is still in the very early ages. But given how little legislators care about evidence, anything is possible!

It’s ridiculous for Florida to waste time arguing over the harm of porn given how many actual problems they could focus on. However, I do think if children primarily get their sexual education from porn, that could be an issue as they may not learn enough about STDs, consent, and contraception. But I am skeptical that Florida republicans would care about developing a more comprehensive sex ed program (something that actually reduces unwanted pregnancies).

It’s just depressing to see our tax dollars go to waste as our legislators spend time arguing over nonsense so they can virtue signal to their constituency. In other news, South Carolina is trying to compete with Florida’s absurdity with a bill that would criminalize baggy pants.  Sigh. America never ceases to provide embarrassment.

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