Let’s Not Forget When The Catholic Church Spent Millions Against An Act That Would Help Sex Abuse Victims

Let’s Not Forget When The Catholic Church Spent Millions Against An Act That Would Help Sex Abuse Victims August 26, 2018
Image of a Catholic church. Image via Wikimedia Commons

The recent news of Catholic priests committing heinous acts of sexual violence in Pennsylvania is horrible and it also isn’t surprising. The Catholic Church has a long history of sexual violence and also trying to cover up such acts.

I’d like to remind everyone about a bill the Catholic church advocated against about two years ago. In New York, the Child Victims Act would make it easier for people who experienced sex abuse as children to get justice. The Catholic Church spent 2.1 million dollars lobbying against this act. This act would eliminate the statute of limitations for when a victim could sue. Limiting the time for when a victim could sue would significantly help the Catholic Church as many victims don’t feel comfortable coming forward until they are adults.

All of this was public record. The church was simply trying to save money from future lawsuits instead of caring about justice for those who were harmed. So the Catholic Church has multiple levels of people doing terrible behavior.

I find it hard how anyone can remain a member of a church that continues to cover up the heinous crimes many of its leaders committed. Maybe instead of spending money preventing victims from getting justice, the Catholic church could offload some of the $15 billion the Vatican has in assets. Perhaps this history of horrible behavior partially explains why the Catholic church continues to lose members while other Christian denominations are growing in the United States.

Of course many powerful organizations have a motivation to stay powerful by keeping its crimes secret. The Catholic church isn’t unique in its defense of awfulness. However, the Catholic church proclaims to be the arbiter of morality. Beyond the hypocrisy, there is some interesting research on how those who believe they are doing good things (i.e. going to church, volunteering) can ignore the bad things they do. I think it’s long time for Catholics to engage in some serious reflection and stop supporting a corrupt organization.

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