Why I Believe Dr. Ford And Think Kavanaugh Should Not Be A Supreme Court Justice

Why I Believe Dr. Ford And Think Kavanaugh Should Not Be A Supreme Court Justice September 29, 2018
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I didn’t want to, but I ended up watching most of the testimony from both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. I admit that I already was more inclined to believe Dr. Ford before this started from what I heard. But here are a couple key points that made me more confident in my decision and absolutely think Kavanaugh should not be on the supreme court.

First off, Dr. Ford was very clear in her testimony and didn’t evade any questions. Conversely, Kavanaugh dodged questions repeatedly. 

The two biggest dodges by Kavanaugh were about his willingness to have an FBI investigation and his drinking habits. If he’s innocent, why would he not want to have an FBI investigation? Why would it be so bad to have Mark Judge, the other person present, directly testify?

But that leads me to the direct lies Kavanaugh told. First off the “all four witnesses say it didn’t happen” is just untrue. They say they don’t remember. That’s very different. That’s even what Mark Judge said. No one said that they were with Dr. Ford all night and gave conflicting information. They just said they couldn’t recall.

Beyond that lie, are the likely lies about his Yearbook comments.  The term’s “Devil Triangle” and “boofing” and “Renate alumnus” all have very different conventional meanings then what Kavanaugh described. It seems very unlikely that his group of friends would make up different terms for these things that also happen to make him look more sexist and a heavy drinker.

Speaking of his drinking, he was pretty indignant when asked about it. “I like beer” Kavanaugh regularly said during his testimony. But when asked about excessive drinking, he was evasive. When asked about his drinking, he even asked a Senator if they ever drank too much instead of answering the question! He also stumbled about the question of what is “too much drinking.” Kavanaugh said he didn’t know and “whatever the charts say.” Which doesn’t look good.

It seems likely that Kavanaugh told some small lies about his drinking habits and views of women to paint himself in a better light (for a comprehensive analysis of his lies, read this). It’s understandable why he would do this. His supporters wanted to see the “good American Christian boy” angle which he tried to present over and over with his discussion of athletics, academics, and going to church.

But what I would have liked to see is more honesty and accountability. Other testimonies have said he was a “sloppy drunk” and this seems pretty consistent with the evidence. So it seems more honest if Kavanaugh said something like “Yes I drank a lot and yes sometimes I drank to the point where I couldn’t remember. I also had some pretty bad views of women when I was younger.” But that would make him look a lot worse so he didn’t.  Also, changing the Yearbook comment’s meaning to sound less misogynistic was another calculated lie.

It seems to me that Kavanaugh may very well have not remembered assaulting Dr. Ford. But given his excessive drinking, aggressive attitude, and views towards women at the time, it seems plausible. Add in Dr. Ford’s testimony and it seems very likely this happened.

If this wasn’t convincing enough, his opening testimony should disqualify him from the Supreme Court alone. He was ranting about the left and how this was a conspiracy against him from the Clintons and other Democrats. How does that make him sound like an impartial judge, something Supreme Court justices are supposed to be? Can you honestly say this guy will not be biased when reviewing a case involving Democrats and Republicans?

I’m glad there is an FBI investigation, but a week time limit is pretty absurd. We’ll see what happens next week, but I really hope Kavanaugh does not become nominated.

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