Democrats Now Control The House After Blue Wave

Democrats Now Control The House After Blue Wave November 7, 2018

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If your politics are at all left of center, you should feel good about last night’s election results. There was so much talk about a Democratic “Blue Wave” in response to the 2016 election and unhappiness with the Trump administration. I think we can safely say the Blue Wave took place as Democrats now control the House. There was also a number of firsts for representation in politics. 

There was a record number of women who won seats in the House. The first Native American women were elected to Congress. The first Muslim woman was also elected to Congress. Tennessee gets its first female Senator. Colorado now has the first openly gay Governor. South Dakota gets its first female Governor. And Texas sends its first Hispanic women to Congress.

Democrats won at least seven Governor races from incumbent Republicans as that will create a significant shift in state power to the left. It’s also worth mentioning that Ted Cruz beat narrowly won over Beto O’ Rourke in Texas. Many people didn’t expect Texas to be so close, but it shows how that extremely conservative state has shifted significantly. However, Democrats did not make any gains in the Senate and Republicans still control it.

Another potentially crucial point for the 2020 election: Florida has now given the right to vote to over a million ex-felons. It does not apply to murder or sex offenses.

The main point for me is Democrats winning at least 26 seats in the House to regain solid control there. There is now a very important check in place for the current administration. It also allows Democrats to potentially put more pressure on investigations of Trump. We may see more about calls for his tax returns and investigations about possible collusion once the new House members begin their tenure.

Overall, I left election night feeling a little bit of hope for the future. Trump is not invincible. The country is divided, but it’s not some sort of conservative stronghold. I saw a few Democrats disappointed in these results and wanted more. However, anyone on the left side of the aisle should be very happy about last night. Not only did we win the House back, we won the House popular vote by 9.2%! That is an encouraging sign for 2020.


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