Using Math To Better Understand The Brain

Using Math To Better Understand The Brain May 9, 2019

In my latest podcast episode, I chat with Dr. Grace Lindsay who is a computational neuroscientist. Dr. Lindsay got her PhD from the Neurobiology & Behavior program at Columbia University, where she worked in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.  She also engages in science outreach work and is a co-host of the Unsupervised Thinking podcast which covers neuroscience and AI. She also has a book titled Models of the Mind coming out soon and it is about the quest to understand the brain using mathematics.

Talking to Dr. Lindsay was really interesting for me personally since I spent several years in a neuroscience PhD program studying quantitative neuroscience (seems like so long ago now!). I ask Grace about her journey into science and the value of using mathematical models in neuroscience. We also talk about science communication and how to use Twitter for science outreach. Finally, we chat about the issues with comparing the research done in mice to humans and how to be careful when talking about such findings!

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