Andrew Yang Ends His Run For President

Andrew Yang Ends His Run For President February 11, 2020

Andrew Yang’s run for the Democratic nomination is officially over. I’ve written before why I supported Yang and I’m pretty depressed about the news. However, it’s not unexpected given where he was polling (though I thought he would wait until after South Carolina).

I love Andrew Yang. I knew there was something special about him after I read his book (The War on Normal People). He has such a strong grasp on how technology is impacting our modern economy. Certainly more than any other politician. That’s why he ran for president, to get that message out there.

Universal Basic Income would be a game changer. I still hope that it is implemented sometime in the future. The details for how we pay for it can be debated, but I think the evidence is pretty clear that a basic income would be reduce a great deal of human suffering.

Yang’s policies and forward thinking was just part of what made him special. The rest of that was simply who he is as a person. Yang is an incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, and evidence-based human being. There really are not other politicians like him. His focus on the problems in our country also appealed to such a wide group of people across the political spectrum. When he spoke, it was full of honesty, humility, and passion that was truly a unifying force.

That’s why Yang had so many conservative and independent supporters. He was by far our best chance of electing a “unity” candidate if such a thing even exists. The growing political polarization in our country is a major concern of mine. I worry that America just missed a great chance to significantly reduce our polarization with a candidate who would bring many different people together.

All is not lost though. It was really incredible Yang went from a completely unknown person to a top 7 candidate in the race. That is very encouraging! It does show that his message resonated with many people. In that way, Yang already had a major impact on our country because the issues he raised have become part of the political conversation. His voice is so valuable and I’m glad he is planning to stay involved with politics.

This is a sad day for the Yang Gang, but I hope we can take the inspiration from Yang and keep fighting for a better country and society.

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