Iowa Voter Finds Out Buttigieg Is Gay And Demands To Change Vote (VIDEO)

Iowa Voter Finds Out Buttigieg Is Gay And Demands To Change Vote (VIDEO) February 5, 2020

After all of the chaos from the Iowa Caucuses..a new video emerged that was pretty amazing to watch. An Iowa voter finds out that Buttigieg is gay during the Caucus. She can’t believe it and the demands to change her vote afterward. It appeared she was an Amy Klochubar supporter due to her badges and then decided to switch to Buttigieg in the second realignment.

First off, it’s incredible that anyone following politics enough to show up at a Caucus would not know that Buttigieg is gay. It’s also very depressing that this woman goes from choosing him to rejecting him based off that knowledge. She (of course) cites the Bible as the reason why she can’t vote for him.

The other woman who was taking her vote tries to reason with her…but it is unsuccessful. You can hear the other woman talk about how they have different “interpretations” of the Bible, and she thinks love and love. And that is a central issue with religion. You can interpret it in different ways and there is no standardized method to determine who is more accurate (as Patrick and myself wrote about here).

Who knows if this woman actually got the change her vote. We’ll find out soon I’m sure. But it’s a sad reminder that homophobia is alive and well in this country. And that religiosity is often used to justify it.

[Featured image via NBC News YouTube screengrab]

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