Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders (Again)

Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders (Again) February 13, 2020

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I’ve decided to support Bernie Sanders now that Andrew Yang is out. It was a tough call between Warren and Sanders. Every candidate has their flaws, but I love both of them, donated to both of their campaigns, and vastly prefer them to the rest of the remaining Democratic field. I’ll start with what I like about Warren.

Elizabeth Warren is a super intelligent and competent person. I love her story of how she became a liberal and got involved with politics after studying the corruption in our political system as a professor. She has been fighting against predatory banks and credit card companies for years. That’s awesome!

Personally, I identify more with Warren than any other candidate. I’m also an academic. I like plans. I like that she’s a political wonk. I also used to be conservative until I dove into the data. And I agree with many of her policies.

Bernie Sanders is not a wonk. He’s not an academic. But he’s been fighting for civil rights and against inequalities his entire life. Bernie’s message resonates with so many people and his supporters are by far the most diverse group of people compared to any other candidate. And that’s because his message of institutional change resonates with people who are marginalized because of the issues with system we have in place.

I’m a white guy who is about to get my PhD. I’m probably going to be fine whether Bernie, Biden, or Trump is president. You know who is not going to be fine? Those who can’t afford to pay their medical bills, immigrants, and the working class who would be first in line to fight in another pointless war.

Bernie calls for a political revolution and has gotten so many more people interested in politics. He wants to fundamentally disrupt the corruption in our institutions. He’s fought for marginalized people for decades. Bernie can galvanize an entire progressive movement for a new generation.

Will a revolution be more effective than working within the system? I’m not sure and I respect liberals who prefer more of an incrementalist approach. It’s a tough thing to predict. However, with so much political polarization, trying to work with the other side may now matter significantly less.

So while I’m still sad about Andrew Yang, I’m excited to see Bernie doing well. I volunteered with him in 2016 and I’ll be doing the same in 2020. Bernie has a good chance of winning and it may be between him and Bloomberg… in which I vastly prefer Sanders. #FeelTheBern

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