Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign

Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign April 8, 2020
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Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his campaign. This assures Biden will be the Democratic nominee. Sanders wasn’t my first pick, but he was certainly better than Biden.


I’m so depressed with American politics right now. The Trump administration has been an embarrassment since 2016. There’s plenty to rant about with them, but I was hoping the Democrats would choose a solid candidate to fight against Trump in 2020. But nope! They chose an incredibly boring, status quo candidate with a history of creepy behavior and a rape allegation against him.


I get that Biden has experience. And name recognition. And political power & connections. I get the appeal to “return to normal” for many people. That’s why he won. The problem is, there were many other Americans who were suffering when things were “normal” under Obama/Biden.


Younger voters overwhelming preferred someone else. They are the ones who already have seen two recessions in their lifetime. And the ones who are likely going to be worse off than their parents economically. The coronavirus has made it quite clear that our system is fundamentally broken. Inequality is only going to get worse. We need big, structural changes. Biden has explicitly said “nothing is going to fundamentally change” under him.


And sure, I’ll still vote for him despite feeling terrible about it because I live in a swing state. I get that the presidency is more than who is at the top. The Cabinet and Supreme Court picks are huge for example. But I also have a lot of empathy for progressives who don’t want to vote for an alleged rapist who unabashedly supports the status quo.


Maybe liberals can keep pushing Biden to the left on issues. Maybe he will listen sometimes. But it’s still disheartening that old, powerful, and awful men continue to run the show. Studying political psychology and human behavior for years has not made me hopeful that things will fundamentally change anytime soon. Despite my lack of optimism, I will continue to keep fighting because that’s certainly better than the alternative.
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