Megyn Kelly Interviews Tara Reade About Her Allegation Against Joe Biden

Megyn Kelly Interviews Tara Reade About Her Allegation Against Joe Biden May 9, 2020

I just watched the entire interview. Megyn Kelly asked tough questions to get a complete account Tara’s story. I believe Tara Reade and I find her courage really inspiring. Kelly asked her about why she came forward now, the inconsistencies in her story, and any political motivations she may have. It certainly was not a softball interview. At minimum, Tara deserves to be heard and be taken seriously.

Also, Tara explicitly says that she understands if people still want to vote for Biden. Her motivations to come forward (around 40:48) are so beautifully put with how she just wants to be heard. Hopefully, more people will interview Tara Reade. Tara said she is willing to be cross-examined and go under oath. I really don’t understand how anyone could claim they want to support the #MeToo movement, but dismiss Tara here (except for glaring political bias).

I continue to be disgusted with how many Democrats are blindly defending Joe Biden. Politicians who have been ardent supporters of #MeToo suddenly believe the powerful man and dismiss his accuser. Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Dianne Feinstein are just a few examples of politicians who have been extremely hypocritical. 

The sad reality is that there isn’t likely to be a good outcome here. Biden won’t release his documents and won’t drop out. Democrats will continue to defend him because they are so motivated by power and beating Trump. The glaring hypocrisy will severely damage the #MeToo movement. And I don’t think it will even be worth it as Trump is likely to win anyway.

This also shows just how difficult it is for women to come forward. Tara has been smeared, doxxed, and threatened since coming forward. It’s no wonder why women wait so long before speaking out against powerful men. But hopefully Tara’s strength will still inspire other women to share their stories.

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