Things I Learned from My Horses

Things I Learned from My Horses September 25, 2011

Kick up your heels occasionally.
Take each day as it comes.
Watch for gopher holes along the way.
Don’t eat too much rich food.

Everybody farts.
Sometimes you have to take the bit in your teeth.
Graze whenever possible.
Friends can come in any color.
There’s no shame in natural functions.
Sex should be approached with squeals of excitement.
When in doubt, get the hell out!
Life’s a lot easier if you keep big people off your back.
Sometimes you just have to put up with annoying pests.
Don’t let anybody pull your cinch too tight.
Take a few minutes each day to nibble your friend’s withers.
Always be on the lookout for predators.
In dangerous times, band together for safety.
Some mornings it takes a while to get the kinks out.
Don’t let good friends get taken away without shrill protest.
Never be afraid to explore new trails.
If somebody really bothers you, bite and kick them until they run away.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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