Blue Collar Atheist: Three Posts

Blue Collar Atheist: Three Posts October 18, 2011

What follows (below, in posts time-stamped earlier than this one so they’re stacked 1, 2, 3 down the page) is two chapters of my book, Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith.

I’m posting this lead-in and these two chapters so you’ll have a better idea of the tone and something of the content. Yes, I’m selling them, and yes, I hope you’ll buy one.

Just below is the first chapter, Introduction: Who Is This Guy? — which is of course about me, and how I came to write the book, and below that is the Foreword: Saying Goodbye to Gods, which is about what I like to think of as the “journey” of atheism.

You’ll find another chapter on a previous post, here: Kind Words.

The book is a 5-star read, according to reviews. Here’s one from FreeThought Blogs co-blogger Greta Christina, justifiably-lauded writer on atheism and human sexuality:

For anyone — believer or atheist — who thinks atheism is only for a formally educated elite because the hoi polloi ‘need’ religion, this book is absolutely mandatory. Knock that idea out of your head right now — Hank Fox is as passionate and unapologetic about his atheism as Richard Dawkins. And his writing is smart, clear, straightforward, and often drop-dead funny. Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist is a pleasure and a page-turner: I got lots of good new ideas from it, and new ways of looking at well-traveled godless terrain. Bravo.

My aim in writing it was this: To provide something of the “how” of atheism. You can get the “why” of it in books by Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens and plenty of others. But after you’re convinced of the necessity to BE an atheist, you still have to find ways to think AS an atheist. How do you think about morality? Is there a workable Big Picture view of atheism and your society and culture, something that will help you talk, think and act as an atheist? Beyond the simple answer of “I don’t believe in gods,” what, really, IS atheism? What does it mean to you? How do you explain it to friends?

I’ve had more than one confirmed atheist tell me they got a number of completely new ideas, new understandings of atheism, from the book.

If you have one or more relatives or friends you think might be on the fence about religion — especially those of high school or college age — the book is an easy intro into atheism. If you yourself would like to know more about it from the viewpoint of a decades-long convert from religion, a front porch philosopher who’s had time to really think about what it all means — and figure out how to explain it all in simple terms — get it for yourself.

And hey, look at that — Christmas is coming up! What better time to seduce believers away from the Baby Jesus?

Like my writing? Buy my book.

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