Milestones October 17, 2011

Sometime today Blue Collar Atheist will reach 100,000 reader hits. I know other bloggers here will smile indulgently at that number — PZ probably gets that many an HOUR — but to me it’s something special.

From my first post on Aug. 24 — just 55 days ago — I’ve written 133 posts, received 940 comments (Thank you!), and gotten approximately 30 billion bits of spam — mostly about penis enlargement. (I try not to take it personally.)

My best day ever, Sept. 17, I posted “Amish Men Saved From Burning in Hell” and got 7,222 hits.

My worst day (after the formal rollout, anyway) was Oct. 6, with 1,150 hits. I think that might have been the day I posted the Narwhal Song, the Badger Badger Badger animation, and pictures of Bill O’Reilly in a thong.

So far, none of the comments have included the phrases “You suck!” or “I hope you burn in hell!”, and there have been zero death threats, proposals of marriage or offers of gratuitous sex.

I have also, thus far, failed to attract my first Christian troll. But I suppose that’s why the Sweet Baby Jesus made tomorrows.

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