God Without Spellcheck 2

God Without Spellcheck 2 May 1, 2012

Thanks to Barry Andrew for the heads-up on the following image:

From their website: “The North Georgia Falcons are a homeschool football team with high school and middle school players. We play football in the Glory For Christ football league, which is made up of Christian School teams and Homeschool teams.”

The lead post at the Glory for Christ Football League site — “Our purpose in life is to give glory to God!” — is at the moment a large ad for the concussion-preventing Guardian football helmet. That’s just slightly ironic, you have to admit (Wait, you say you want to give glory to God by playing football, but you’re not willing to risk everything for Him?), but I’m not going to make too much fun of it. At least they’re not attempting to pray away concussions.


Doing a search for the origin of the photo, I found these comments on the New York Times website, a couple of letters to the Sports Editor:

Re ”Home Schooling, Home Teams,” June 26: Perhaps the home-schoolers need to rethink their Priority List, as ”3. Acedemics” and ”4. Atheletics” are misspelled on the sign in a photograph accompanying the article.


I prefer to think that it was an act of kindness rather than an oversight that compelled you not to notice the misspellings in the North Georgia Falcons Priority List. I commend you on your forbearance. As to the priorities listed on the sign, it is painfully clear that spelling ranks nowhere near the top.

However, the picture referred to does not at present appear with the article, leading me to believe it was scrubbed by a kindly editor, possibly after being contacted by certain embarrassed parties.

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